After starting my journey to this lifestyle in October 2011, I feel a lot more energetic, happier, vibrant, and eager to push myself further than ever before. The constant encouragement from my friends from the Foodmastery group has been a lifeline and a blessing.Teo Pfister
2 month anniversary of overhauling my diet with much more nutricious choices. I'm still losing weight daily and feeling much better. I can't wait until the next 2 months. Over 50lbs lost so far and I keep getting more excited about future results. Long way to go still but it does not seem like such a daunting task anymore!Cory Cooley
Amazing! After drinking green juice, I have so much energy that my head doesn’t hit the desk every afternoon at 3pm. I actually find myself craving this stuff. When I got in from an exhausting trip, the first stop was the grocery store for fresh spinach, celery and cucumber. Great stuff! Thanks!Nancy Cramer
I just wanted to thank you for all you have inspired within me! I will lose 30-35lbs by May 15th! I started 10 days ago, and have lost about 5lbs so far. It will be well worth it! I will feel better, I will work better, I will live better!Scott Pugsley
The green juice reboot works! After a 41-day juice fast and going RAW, I have lost 39 pounds—without feeling hungry or deprived! Keeping the weight off continues to inspire me! I feel better than I have felt in years and will never go back to my old eating habits! Green juice is the key to my success!  Linda Marohn